Who Am I? Who Are You?

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Who Are You?

Do you know who you are? Do you know what you are made of? Do you know how powerful you are? Do you know why you are here? Do you know that you are worthy?If you have taken the time to ask these questions and meditated on them, then you either know who you are or you are on a journey of self-discovery.

There is more to you than meets your eyes. You are non-physical leaving in a physical body….YES you are and you feel you sometimes. Have you ever wondered why  you think of someone and they call, or why you have a strong urge to go back into a store you just left and find your purse laying there, or why you have a negative feeling about something and it happens or you have a great feeling about a business deal and it works out…how would you explain all this.You are here to create a life of joy beyond your wildest imagination.

Who am I?

I am the voice inside that is crying for me to calm down and listen. I am that feeling inside that gently nudges me to do the right thing. I am that quiet voice inside that never judges but empowers me. I am that feeling inside that knows when I am making decisions that are not the right ones for me. I am that voice inside that tells me that I can achieve all my goals. I am the voice inside telling me to shutdown all the noise of other people’s opinions, shut down all the constant negativity that I see on the media. I am the voice that tells me that all the answers to my questions are within me. I am that voice that tells me that I am Powerful, Marvelous, Awesome and Perfect. I am the GENIE inside patiently waiting for me to tune in.

How do I tune in to Me?

  1. I start my day by writing down a list of the things I appreciate and really feeling profound appreciation. I feel love for the challenges and the good for the challenges are there to enable me to grow.I  Imagine for a second what my life will be, if everything just went my way all the time and I did not have to think my way through some tough situations.Can you imagine all the fun stories that would not have been told? Life will be so monotonous and boring.  When you I see life through eyes of appreciation- I approach my day with hope, love and joy.  I can focus on your goal achieving actions for the day with an undivided mind because I am calm and relaxed. Appreication puts me in a magnificent vibration that allows me  to attract my hearts desires quicker.
  2. I spend time with myself through meditation every morning and evening.
  3. Another way that I tune in is to bless myself with kind words all day long especially on those days where I feel like I am in maze with no way out…..I remind myself that I am not my body….I live in my body ….I am SPIRIT….I  trust Me and I will find a way out.
  4. Another way I tune in is to study books that teach me about myself.

Every day can be a perfect day if you THINK it is. It is all in the way you approach life.

So I dare to ask you….. Who Are You? Are you in tune with you?

Lots of love and light,


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