The Power of Gratitude

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Gratitude simply means finding the good in everyone your encounter and in All things. When you are grateful you look beyond good OR bad, hard OR easy, appropriate OR inappropriate, I can OR I can’t and are in a state of acceptance of everything around you and therefore radiate joy.

Going about your day in a deep seethed feeling of gratitude allows you to be connected to the universe which is the source of all things. This happens when you come from a place of love and thanksgiving and it is a good habit to develop.

Gratitude is a good tool to use to attract good things into your life because when you are thankful for all the things in your life, you mind is focused on positive thoughts so you feel good all the time and therefore send out great vibes and happy people and circumstances are attracted to you.And when you feel good, you can work your goals with clarity and focus.

When you are unhappy on other hand, with someone or a circumstance, you do not feel good and because you are not feeling good, you cease to see the good things or appreciate your loved ones. And because you are in this mental state, you are creating more negative situations by virtue of your thoughts and actions or inaction…and then wonder why things do usually go from bad to worse. More often than not, when you are entertaining negative thoughts,  you do not feel like doing anything because it is hard to focus and staying for a long period in this state will hamper your progress.
I would like to share the below exercise of gratitude that I learned from the amazing Bob Proctor

A Daily Exercise of Gratitude

1. Write down a list of 10 things that you are grateful for, the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning.
2. Then sit and be quiet for 5 minutes and ask the universe to give you guidance for the day.
3. Think of all the people who are really bothering you and send love to everyone of them including yourself.


Even when all hell is breaking lose around you for example things are not going the way you want, you may have lost your job, just came out of a difficult relationship, lost your home or lost a lot of money in a business. You can choose to find the good in the situation and feel grateful for it. All it takes is to change your perception and find a positive aspect in the situation because there is good in every bad situation. Find and celebrate those good things. Feel grateful just for being alive, healthy, having your loved ones healthy and for the endless possibilities all around you. Because you can always start over. Once you shift your perception, you will start to feel relief, you will start to feel good.. You day is going to change, everyone or thing you look at is going to look different. Check out the article on perception.

Before I go, I have questions for you…
1. Did you find this post useful?
2. Please feel free to share your gratitude ritual.
As always, please respond in the comments. And I’ll speak to you soon.

To your Abundance,


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