Eye Of The Tiger – Key To Completing Your Daily Targets

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tigerHave you ever wondered why you stay on track and accomplish some of your goals and for others you give up before you even start?

For the goals which you achieved, why did you achieve them?

For the goals you gave up on, why did you not complete them?

It is amazing how a strong desire to achieve an objective can move you into action without a shadow of doubt.

I have had a hectic weekend as I am moving and  I am not loving it because I have not had a break. I am supposed to be dropping off my keys tonight and I don’t yet have internet at my new place.

And I still have to write my blog post for Day 12 of the 30 Days Blogging Challenge by Sarah Arrow.

Guess what I decided to do. I am now siting on the floor at my old apartment which still has the internet and writing down my article for Day 12.

Why the heck am I doing it when my entire body is crying for rest and my eyes are heavy from lack of rest and fatigue?

Why don’t I just give myself a break today?

I do have a pretty good reason right? I am MOVING for goodness’s sakes!!

I learned a very great concept from my mentor Bob Proctor. He calls it the “EYE OF THE TIGER“. He teaches that people who achieved any level of success  have had to develop the Eye of the Tiger (laser focus on  the goal).

They have had to train themselves to use their will to FOCUS all day on the tasks which needed to be accomplished to move them forward and did not let anyone or anything keep them off track.

I believe this is true as everyone I know who has achieved great results have stayed focused on their goals and did what they had to do to get there.

So you see, I knew my weekend was going to be extremely hectic and I also decided that come rain or  sunshine, I was going to make some time to write my blog post in order not get behind on the 30 Day Challenge.

Could I have saved myself a lot of headache this weekend by writing my post a few days early and scheduling them for the weekend since I was aware I will be moving?

Hell Yes?

Will I beat myself about not doing that?


I am super pleased with my accomplishment and acknowledge that I can plan better next time.

I have been asking myself why I am so committed to this goal and also why for my other goals..It was very easy for me to move my targets ahead and made no efforts to catch up or follow through.

This is what I think:

I am staying committed to Completing the 30 Day Challenge  because :

1. It is fun.

2. I have a passion for writing.

3. I am learning a lot of new skills and love the challenge that goes with implementing them.

4. I have a SYSTEM  that walks  me step by step to get where I want  to go.

5. I have the SUPPORT I need from a wonderful group of like-minded people in the Facebook group.

6. I am meeting wonderful new people with similar goals who love supporting one another.

7. I have gone public with my goal and on the radar.

I have come to understand that most of the goals I did not complete was simply because I did not have a system in place to support me through the process.

So I slowly got discouraged along the journey and  starting telling myself all the reasons why I could not accomplish them and I listened and gave up.

Focus is really  KEY  to  getting things done especially as we constantly get bombarded with so much  information, drama and what not  during our day and It is so easy to get off track on our tasks.

You have to decide what you want to accomplish every day and schedule time to work on them and make them a priority no matter what.

What strategies do you use to ensure that you complete you tasks for the day? Please leave a comment below.

To your success,




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