The Best Of Imgard Ekokobe Week One

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I am currently on Day 9 of the 30 Days Blogging Challenge by Sarah Arrow. I feel super pleased with myself for writing an article every day for 8 days consecutively and also for implementing the strategies she teaches..

Looking back and reviewing, I would admit that I have felt a lot of frustration but the good news is that my writing muscles have been strengthening.

I could easily write an article now in under two hours compared to over 4-5 hours the first 4 days of the challenge. I am able to write more effectively because of the strategies I am learning from Sarah.

I am sharing the best Of Imgard Ekokobe posts below in case you missed any of them. I have also included a summary for each post so that you can get an idea of the content before you dive in and read it.

1 .10 Steps To Nurture Yourself In The Face Of Adversity

If you are advocate for self growth and you would like to learn 10 simple  strategies that will help you bounce back quickly when life knocks you down. Read this.

2. 30 Days to a Better Blogger And Me

Before undertaking any task, You have to be clear about WHY you want it. Writing down all the reasons why and reviewing them will fuel your desire and propel you forward.

I share the reasons why I took the 30 Days Blogging Challenge and two strategies I use every day to keep me going.

3. 5 Tips For Installing New Habit Patterns In Your Daily Routine

I am sure you must have heard that “You are the sum total of the five people you frequently hang out with“. Who are your hangout buddies? What are their habit patterns? Do you even like them?

Learn how to change one habit at a time with ease.

4. 7 Ways To Switch Off And Go Within

If you give yourself this GIFT, you will THRIVE even when you go through those chaotic challenges which sometimes seem to pop out of blue.

5. How To Win By Harnessing The Power Of Your Intuition

Learn why if you master this ONE SKILL, you will WIN at any goal you undertake.

 6. Avoid Burnout In Six Easy Steps

I share the number 1 plague most people suffer from but are not even AWARE and how they can heal from it in six easy steps.

7. Measure, Monitor and Adjust

The 30 Days Blogging Challenge is not Just about getting into the habit of consistently blogging. It is also  about learning the tools and strategies for writing effective blog posts which drive traffic to your blog that can convert to leads and eventually sales.

This is also true for any goal you embark on. The PRICE is the gorgeous person you become during the process. How you get to where you want to go is the KEY.

I share why it is important to MEASURE, MONITOR and ADJUST as you work on any goal to ensure that you are in line with your vision and meeting your targets

8. Little Known Secrets To Achieving Your Goals

If you are like me, you sometimes fall off the bandwagon when working on your goals. If you have a strong desire to achieve it, you will get back on track.

Sadly most people get discouraged and allow their fears to get in the way of their target.

I share some of the reasons why and  little nuggets which if you implement, will improve your results astronomically.

 What do you think?

I hope you have enjoyed reading through my list of  8 posts. Which were your favorite posts from the list and why?

Please let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

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