The Best New Year Resolution

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Another year has come with new goals and resolutions. What happened to your goals of 2013? Did you accomplish all of them? Or did you accomplish 50% of them? How are you feeling right now as you ponder and plan this year? Are you feeling exhilarated?

I have spent sometime over the last couple of days reflecting over my achievements in 2013 and could not help but feel that I could have accomplished much more than I did. Instead of giving myself a pat on the back for what I had accomplished, I was arguing for my limitations by trying to justify where I was and what I could have done more or better. So instead of feeling excited for this new year, I was feeling regret for what could have been.
I decided that I was not going down that path of self-sabotage as I have come to understand that these are just the old beliefs I picked up along my trail. I am learning each day to ignore that nagging feeling of not “enoughness” which takes away from my joy.

5stepstoasuccessfulyearI have let go of the need to justify and explain what I should have done or who I should have become in 2013 and I am looking forward to what I am doing now…in this moment because it is all that counts and I feel lighter and better. I am enough just been where I am right now. All is well.

My primary goal for this year is to be HAPPY.I strive to be happy moment by moment until I own it. I know that when I am happy, I wake up looking forward to my day with gusto and accomplish so much so fast because the ideas flow easily as I have clarity of mind.

How am I making feeling good my top priority this year?

  • Decide – I have decided that it is important that I feel good. I want to thrive and I know I am worthy.
  • Self-appreciation – I have started a book of positive aspects in which I write down all the things I like and love about myself. It is amusing that when I started, it was so hard for me to find many things that I appreciated about myself. I recall writing down each positive aspect and then tried to justify why I thought it was true:).Is it not irky how it so much easier to appreciate other people than ourselves? Why is that? As I keep on finding things to appreciate about myself, I feel happier, more confident and at ease, playful and more connected to myself.
  • Tell a new story – I spend 15 minutes each day to write down how I want my life to be and visualize it. I call the book “Imgard’s lyrics” and carry it around me and read it during the day to keep me grounded.
  • Let Go – Let go of the obsessive need to control situations that I have no control of and trust that things are always working out for me.How often do you catch yourself arguing for your limitations? How does it feel? Please feel free to share your number one goal for this year.To your success,
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