Measure, Monitor And Adjust – Part 1

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Today is Day 7 of the  30 Days Blogging Challenge by  Sarah Arrow  and for those of you who would like to know why I am doing this. Please visit the 30 Days to a Better Blogger And Me post.

Has it been challenging ..You bet YEAH! Anything you are learning for the first time is usually uncomfortable. This is my first time of blogging consistently for 7 days and I would admit that at first I did not believe  I could pull off  writing a new article 7 days in a row.

I am not usually very consistent especially when working on new tasks but this is ALL about growing and installing some great habit patterns which I am aware I need to develop if I want to create a  successful life and business.

And also given the fact that I have to learn a new strategy from the emails Sarah sends every day and implement to my blog.

As you can see,  the 30 Days Blogging Challenge is not Just about getting into the habit of consistently blogging. It is also  about learning the tools and strategies for writing effective blog posts which drive traffic to your blog that can convert to leads and eventually sales.

Even though, I an 23 days away from completing the 30 day blogging challenge, I am feeling super pleased with myself and inspired to do more.

I decdied to give myself a treat today for completing 7 days . And yea, I know you must be thinking ..what the heck! She still has 23 more days ahead of her right?

Well, I have learned that every little success is worth a celebration. The more you celebrate your achievements the more you open yourself to want to do more.

Now that I have celebrated my 7 Days of blogging success.

How am I doing ?

What is the Goal I am shooting for?

Am I just blogging for blogging sakes or do I have a target I am shooting for?

My lovely mentors Doug and Melanie Nelson of Catch Fire University taught me that the key to tracking any goals I am  working on is to  MEASURE, MONITOR AND ADJUST.

And then REPEAT

You cannot Measure, Monitor and Adjust if you do not where you ARE and where you are GOING.

So, I am on Day 7 and loving it even though …….

Where am I going? What is the outcome?

a. To blog for 30 days consecutively to train myself into the habit of blogging consistently.

b. To learn the blogging and marketing strategies which will enable me to drive traffic to my site if implemented consistently over time.

c. d. To share my passions, find my audience and  earn their trust.

d. To direct them to my mailing list.

e. To promote my offerings.


You have to know what your numbers are?

But how do you do that?

By having a system in place for tracking. I am sure there are a number of tools out there for example google analytics.


What is the most effective time to schedule your post?

What is the most effective time to market your blog?

Which platforms will you be marketing your posts?

What is the end goal?

Are you meeting your targets?

What blogging and marketing strategies are most effective for you ?

Are they working?


Who are you marketing your blog to?

Family? Friends? Facebook friends and your social  media tribes?

How large is your list?

Is it growing?


If for  post 1, you had 1000 clicks and 20 leads on that day for example

What does that tell you about your post?

If for post 2, you had had 100 clicks and no leads ?

What does that tell you?  How can you adjust it?

What is it that you implemented for post 1 that  grabbed their attention?

How can you adjust this for post 2?

As you can see, it is very important to track your numbers on a weekly basis and adjust as you go along.

What tools do you use to track how well your blog posts are doing? Are they effective? Please leave a comment to let me know.

To your Success,

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