Little Known Secrets To Achieving Your Goals

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If you are like me, you sometimes fall off the bandwagon when working on your goals. If you have a strong desire to complete it, you will get back on. But If you are not too attached to the never really get back on.

Looking back on most of the goals I did not complete, I can clearly see that I had set unrealistic targets and did not measure and monitor my progress.

I got so overwhelmed and fell  behind and never caught up.

For example, I set a goal to publish a book on poetry of 150 poems over a year ago.

For those of you who may be thinking that 150 poems is too many ..Guess what?

It really is not if you plan properly.

I had set a target to complete the book in 3 months and since my creative juices were flowing at that time due to loads of  mindful meditation, I wrote over 20  in a week and I was pumped.

And thought to myself that it was going to be a piece of cake.

But I did not factor in the important details such as-

a. How I was  going to publish my book. Was I going to use a publishing company  or self publish my book? And I had no idea where to start.

b. Where I was going to find my tribe and build a relationship with them.

c. How I was  going to market it to my audience.

d. What format I wanted my book in. Would it be electronic , hardcopy or both? What were the benefits of having my book in both formats? I had no clue.

e. What type of design called to me? I had some ideas but I was not a graphic designer. So I had to research how to find one.

f. What  my budge was.

g. Who was going to support me with all these tasks? I was doing it all alone and with little experience.

I finally realized that I did not two hoots about what it took to be an author and had to buy some courses to learn how to self publish and market my book.

It  all  got to be so overwhelming for me….and my creative juices started trickling down a notch and then two notches and slowly simmered down as a deep seethed familiar annoying fear took residence in me.

And all those familiar “little voices”  in my head sprung into action ..saying “I told you so”.

And I stopped writing for months..I told myself I needed a long break from writing and will take that up when I was ready.

My initial target of 3 months was moved to 6months and then to 8 months and then …..

I continued writing but ONLY when I felt inspired which was not as often but I would write a bunch of poems when I did.

If I known these tips I am about to share a year ago, my book would be published already. But there is hope and  now I know.

1. Decide – This is where you decide that you are going after what your desire.

2. Write them down – Writing down your goals activates your thinking muscles. If you commit to writing them down as often as possible, you will notice that you become more emotionally involved with them and are more likely to work on the action steps.

3. Plan – A goal with no plan is doomed to fail. You plan by acknowledging where you are and taking time to research what you need to do to get where you want to go. This was the STEP I missed when I set my goal to complete my book with a deadline.

I did not plan for it properly. By not doing my research and working out the  steps I needed to know to enable me to successfully write, edit , design, copyright, publish, market and so forth, I was stuck and did not know what actions steps to take.

4. Break then down into action steps– A goal is only as BIG  as you want it to be. Chop them down in smaller ACTION steps and set deadlines for each. Also set a deadline for achieving the goal.

5. Schedule them in your calendar – Enter the dates in your calendar and DO  them during the scheduled time.

6. Support –  Seek out like-minded people and ask for support.  Find a mentor and do what they tell you to do.

Any goal is achievable if you have a system in place to support you. Remember that you have to do it on your own but not by alone.

What action steps do you take to make your goals happen? I would like to hear how they work for you. Please leave a comment below.

To Your Success,


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2 Responses to Little Known Secrets To Achieving Your Goals

  1. Cristina Alciati April 16, 2015 at 6:00 am #

    I find that measuring progress is the key to ensuring that we stick to the plan and most importantly is recognizing and celebrating the tiniest advance towards reaching our goals.

    In my experience there’s no bigger goal killer than not being able to see this and giving in to the belief that nothing is happening, it’s not working and why do I bother.

    • imgard ekokobe April 16, 2015 at 12:55 pm #

      Christina, Thanks for your great insights! I agree that measuring the progression of a goal is the key to seeing it to completion. I love your ideas about celebrating the little and great wins along the way.That is what the journey is all about.

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