Leave Everyone With The Impression Of Increase

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impression of increase

I learned a very rich concept from the Science Of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wallace.He talks about practicing the art of leaving everyone with the impression of increase.

This means giving them the best version of yourself every time they have the privilege of interacting with you.

From personal observation, people generally gravitate towards others who lift them up, treat them with respect, show them they matter and make them feel good about themselves.

Your life is a mirror of your thoughts and habit patterns and if you focus on providing value to everyone and also your business, you business will grow exponentially.

Here are some ways you can give your best to others –

a. Smiling and making eye contract with  people you meet.

b. Supporting and being present with your loved ones, business associates and acquaintances.

c. Saying a kind word to people you encounter daily..could the cashier in the grocery store, the man or woman sitting next to you on the train, the person giving you a mean look on the street.

d. Serving your customers with love and appreciation

e. Providing quality service and products including lots of freebies to your customers.Let them know how much you care about serving them by following up with them.

f. Pouring your heart into everything you do.

But how do you give someone an impression to increase when you are burnout out?

You really cannot.

You see. You cannot give what you don’t have.

You have to fill yourself up first before you can be of service to others.

So the first order of business will be to focus on activities that inspire, build you up.

You have to nourish you body, mind and spirit so that you can be whole before you can give.

We often get so caught up supporting everyone and neglecting to care for the most important person and then wind up with feelings of resentment.

In order to effectively provide value and support others JOYFULLY, we have to first and foremost KNOW and live from a place of abundance.

Because that is the only place where you can really serve your customers, loved ones, employers etc.

If it does not feel joyful serving others, then wait until you feel good and then serve from that place.

What can you do today to leave someone with the impression of increase? Please leave a comment below.

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To your success,

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