How To Write Blog Posts Fast In 5 Steps (Case Study)

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blog_posts If you have been reading my blog, you must already know that I am participating in the 30 Days Blogging Challenge by Sarah Arrow.

As part of the challenge, I am to write a blog every day for 30 days and implementing the strategies she shares.  The goal is to get into the habit of blogging as a business and not a hobby so that I can  become an expert in my niche and grow my list of subscribe by providing high quality posts in a short period of time.

Blogging can be fun if you know the strategies to speed up your writing. Today, I am going to share with you Six steps I am using to write blog posts fast which I learned from Sarah Arrow-

Step 1: Know Your Audience

Do not just write for anyone except you are blogging as a hobby. You have to know who are writing to and then write to them using your voice.

You can create a survey to questions such as:

  • What they love to do
  • What challenges they face
  • Where they hangout
  • What format of communication best suits their needs for example audio, writing, video etc
  • If they want what you are offering

Step 2: Create Your List Of Potential Blog Titles

You should be able to quickly come up with a list of blog titles if you have thoroughly done your research in step 1.

Step 3: Research keywords

After you have created your blog titles, it is time to brainstorm ideas.  What words do you want to rank for in the search engines? You can type in words and phrases that your potential customers may be searching for in the search engines for example ” creating a business blogging” or “editorial plugins”.

Step 4:Use Editorial Calendars

Create an editorial calendar for your blog. You can use Google Calendar, the editorial calendar plugin which can be installed if you have wordpress blog, calendar apps or you can do it the old school way and use a desk or wall calendar.

Schedule your blog posts by entering your keyword titles in your calendar and commit to writing the blog post on the scheduled dates.

Schedule email/phone  notifications as  a reminder to keep you on track.

Step 5: Use Outlines

This is by far my favorite, I have been able to write my blog posts 2 times faster after I learned how to use outlines in the 30 Days Blogging Challenge.

An outline  enables you to structure your content and keeps your ideas organized if you learn how to use them properly.

Outlines consists of 4 main parts:

  1. An Intro – this is where you share your thoughts about your post.
  2. Body – where you share the main content of your post
  3. Summary – this is where you revisit the main ideas of your post
  4. Call to action – This where you ask your reader to comment,  share any similar experiences related to your post or ask them to subscribe to your mail list.

Did you find these tips for writing blog post fast helpful? Feel free to share on Twitter or Facebook by using the super-easy share buttons below!

To your Success,


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