How To Win By Harnessing The Power Of Your Intuition

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intuition2Are your decisions and actions guided  by your intuition(gut feeling) or are they guided by your voice of reason?

When you are guided by your intuition, what is the outcome?

And when you are guided by your voice of reason, what is the outcome?

Which one supports you the most?

I am sure you must have had one or more experiences where you had a hunch to do go somewhere, call a friend, buy a product or service, ask for a sale and you quickly talked yourself out of it and then later wished you had listened to yourself.

You are not alone, there have been times when I had a hunch to deviate from my usual route to work and I laughed at the thought and went about my business and got stuck in horrible traffic for hours.

Have you every wondered if there is a larger part of you that is connected to everything and picks up thought patterns from others and translates them to you?You are not alone.

What is intuition anyways?

Intuition is simply a strong emotion, feeling or presence which guides and supports you. The more you connect with the spiritual part of you, the easier it will become for you to stop and listen before jumping into any actions.

But how do you know if you are making decisions based on your intuition or on your voice of reason? Well, you will have to learn to listen and develop your awareness to the difference by paying attention to them.

I recall going to pick my daughter up from school on a very rainy day,  parked on the street and walked over to the parking lot by her school to wait for her class to come out at dismissal.

As I was walking to join the other parents waiting, this fleeting thought ( more like a strong urge) to check my phone overwhelmed me and of course, I quickly brushed it off reminding myself that I left my phone in my car.

I got my daughter about 10 minutes later and when we got to the car, my phone was laying right next to it in a puddle of water. If i had listened and walked 15 feet back to my car and checked my phone…I would have saved myself from the stress of dealing with a wet phone later.

I was also very thankful that no one found my phone and helped themselves to it. I wondered why I did not listen and promised myself that I will pay attention the next time.

I will not want to spoil your day by telling you stories about other  incidents which occurred at times that I did not listen to my inner wisdom and made series of bad decisions which cost me a lot of grief.

I am sure you too have lots of similar stories to share. If you don’t, then I applaud you for having trained yourself to follow the guidance that is within. Some people are usually more intuitive than others.

Often times, we really do not listen because we are so caught with the moment to moment issues that plague our life’s and thus, become numb to that ever gentle voice of wisdom inside and guidance which is always there for all.

My 4 Top Benefits For Listening To My Intuition

a. Improved decision-making skills – I believe your Intuition  tells you how to make better decisions. Sometimes I ask myself why I am called to buy certain products as opposed to others or why I gravitate towards certain groups of people and mentors and not others.

b. Less stress – cleaning up messes that could have been avoided therefore  more peace and less worry.

c. Improved self-confidence – especially when I rely on myself to make the right decisions for me instead of asking other well meaning people to do so. Who knows me better than myself.

d. Trust – learning to trust myself more.

You can develop your intuition by:

1. Paying attention – To how you feel.  If you are planning on making an important decision or traveling and you feel very uneasy about it …. Don’t jump right in.  If something feels off, it more than likely is.

2. Practice – When you are spending time with friends and loved ones and you get a hunch that they are thinking about something …ask them about it. When you get a strong urge to call them.. its more likely that they are also thinking about you. The more you practice, the better you get at listening.

3. Asking for feedback – The confirmation you get will fuel as a confidence booster and helps you know what you are intuitive about. You will get comfortable doing that and get to a point where you do not rely on other peoples opinions to serve as validation.

Many a times, I have had a strong urge to call a friend and when I called , they told me they were just calling me as well and we had a great conversation about something that they or I needed support with. She/he  was thinking about me, and I picked up their thoughts or vice versa. That’s how intuition works. This  goes to show that we are all connected.

You can never go wrong when you practice listening to your intuition. You thrive and life  is more beautiful that way.

Are your actions guided by your intuition? How do you know ?Please share your stories in the comments below.

To your Success,



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