How To Unlock The Six Powers Of Your Mind – Part 2

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The second power I will be discussing with you today is your Perception Faculty – Your point of view.

Do you know that you think in images? If you think of your car for example, you will se an image of your car on the screen of your mind. Think of your home? You will see an image of your home come to the screen of your mind. Now think of a loved one? What/who do you see? Do you now agree with me that you and I think in images?

We really do not see with our eyes which is one of our sensory organs. We rather see through our eyes, we see with cells of recognition. Our perception is how we see and interpret things.

I can remember the multitude of times that I have seen things that were not even there based on an idea that I planted in my mind. Does this resonate with you?

There comes a time in each of our lives where we are desire to do more than we are already doing, so we decide to go after something we have never done before and then all hell  breaks loose. We start seeing all the obstacles standing in our way of achieving that goal and then we stall our progress for a little while.  How about all the debt you see that is stopping you from living the abundance lifestyle that you deserve? how about all the past failures you see that reaffirms to you that you are going to mess up when you undertake a new project or goal?

The reality is that we create these obstacles in our mind by virtue of our thoughts and past experiences..……You can train yourself to shift your perception so that you can look at things from a totally different way. As your awareness grows your perception changes. There is never a right or wrong way of doing anything. There is always a better way.


When you change your way of seeing things. The things change as well. The way to achieve any goal you set for yourself be it a goal to increase you income, improve your health, improve your effectiveness is already here but your perception permits you to see how to do what you are already doing. And if you just shift your perception, you will see it.

Two ways to exercise your perception faculty

  1. When faced with a challenge, think of a few people who are very successfully that you admire and brainstorm how you think they would resolve your challenge. Play with the ideas that come to your mind and you will more than likely feel a shift in your perception( I got this idea from my mentor Bob Proctor).
  2. Write the challenge on a piece of paper and set your intention that you will like a solution to it and lay it on your table, go and do something you love to do or take a nap if you can. Come back to it later and take another look at it and brainstorm ideas for about 30 minutes and then leave it there and go about your day. Come back to it after taking some time to quiet your mind for example meditation, exercise, eating a delicious meal and brainstorm some ideas. You will observe that your perception shifts each time you look at the challenge because your get to a higher vibration every time you are relaxed and non resistant to the things going on around you.

As your awareness expands, your perception changes. You will see bigger and better ways to handle any challenge you face. Play with your perception, shift it, you will find that what you thought was a huge problem is actually small stuff.

Before I go, I have questions for you…
1. Did you find this post useful?
2. Do you have any questions that I can answer? Be sure to leave them below.
As always, please respond in the comments. And I’ll speak to you soon.

To Your Success,


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