Ease Bloggers Block Using These 6 Tips

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Bloggers Block(1)

If you are a blogger like me, I am sure you must have had a visit from the naughty “Bloggers Block”. Yes, sometimes your ideas flow easily and other times they don’t no matter how many different related blog articles you search for and read on the web to inspire you.

Well, you are not alone. I have experienced it many times and when I am in bloggers block mode, no amount of  related  content I read on the web, books, audio  recordings, videos will inspire me.

I also noticed, that the more effort I put into forcing my brain to think and put the ideas together, the more frustrated I got.

Writing has to be fun for goodness sakes especially if it is on a topic I am passionate about.

What is Bloggers Block?

It is just a fancy word for saying that you are not really in the ZONE and would love for a dose of inspiration.

But What Is Bloggers Block  Really About?

It is just the feedback you get when:

  1. You lack focus.
  2. You are not aligned with your purpose and vision at that moment in time.
  3. You are exhausted and need a break.
  4. You have lost clarity of the vision of your blog.
  5. You have convinced yourself to believe that what you have to offer is not good enough for your tribe.


Do you know how many stories are bursting to be told by you ?

Signs  That You Are In Bloggers Block  Mode

  • Mental fatigue.
  • Chaos… Too many little voices in your head telling you ‘I told you so’.
  • Irritation.
  • Comparison with other bloggers and feeling small-the  thief of joy.
  • Lack of confidence in your ability to write from your heart.
  • Lack of focus from too much multitasking.
  • Distraction from too many open browsers on your computer screen.
  • Not been authentic to yourself -You have been  mad all day or week and now you want to sit down and write an inspirational post .. Good luck with that ! Start writing  about your angry day and see how the words suddenly burst out like a roller coaster.

6 Tips To Overcome Bloggers Block

1.  Acknowledge It- You have to know what you are suffering from in order to be able to heal it.
2. Understand The Little Monster – It is important to know what causes bloggers block and how to recognize it before it hits you. It is natural that sometimes your ideas will flow easily and other times they don’t.
You have to understand that it is all about preparation. It is not just about siting down to write a great post…it is more about how you feel while you are writing.  If you have had a very challenging day, Why sit down and write a post?
Take sometime to relax and care for yourself. You could meditate, take a walk, soak your feet in warm water, take a sip of your favorite drink  and then if you still feel up to it , sit down and write your post.
Take a nap otherwise.
3. Create And Use Outlines – Outlines are a very useful tool to help structure your post to enable you to write easily.
4. Use Infographics – Oh yeah, there are many free tools online such as piktochart  which you can use to create beautiful infographics using the per-installed templates provided. You have no excuse…Do Not let Bloggers block hold you back from completing your posts.
5. Free write – You have heard about freestyle dancing or rapping right? So why not just write from your heart. Sometimes we get stuck because we care more about how the people reading our blog posts will perceive us. Write from heart and the people who need to hear your message will show up.
6. Step away from the machine – Know when it is time for you to turn off your computer or tablet and do something completely different.
Have you experienced bloggers block? How did you scale through it. Please leave a comment below.

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