Be Still And know That I am Here

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 I love writing poems and wanted to share one of them with you.Enjoy!!


Be Still And Know That I am Here

Be STILL and know that I am HERE
I always have and always will be HERE
You cannot rise to your full potential without ME
And I can ONLY express myself with and through you
I can exist without you but I am nothing without you
Let ME shine….Let You shine
I am IN you and you are OF me
Why don’t you let ME shine?
I have all the answers to your questions
And all the solutions for overcoming your challenges
ALL of them
Why don’t you tune in to ME?

Be STILL and know that I am HERE
I am and will always be HERE
All you have to do is tune in to ME
Tune in to YOU
For YOU and I are ONE and SAME!
We are expressions of the same POWER

You have the power to CHOOSE
Choose ME and I will set you free from all LIMITATION
You can hear ME
You can feel ME
If you will just be STILL.

I am and I have been waiting for a long time
For you to tune into ME
Let me lead you into a world of
Power, Promise, Beauty
Wonder, Marvel, Possibilities
Beyond your wildest imagination

Do you feel ME?
I dare to ASK you again
Do you feel ME?

Work with me now
Close your eyes and take a deep breath in
And hold it for a few  seconds
Then breathe out
Take another deep breadth in and then out
Breathe in and out
Keep going dear one
You can do this
Relax, Let Go of Self and
Tune in to ME.
Do you feel me now

YES, I feel You
I feel You…..I feel Me
I feel so warm, so safe, so loved
Gosh! It feels so good being here where I belong
I have missed being in my PRESENCE
I have been so lost without ME
I feel WHOLE again

Thank you for guiding me right back to ME!
Thank you life for all the challenges I faced
For without them I would not have found ME!

~Imgard Ekokobe


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