Give Action A Break

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breakThere are a ton of gurus out there with phenomenal results and I sincerely applaud them for their success and am happy for them.

The majority of them attribute their results to one major ingredient “ They Took Massive Action“. I have listened to interviews, read some of their stories about how they started out and heard them say that they decided what they wanted to accomplish and dived right into action which gave them the results they were looking for.

As a result, many other “self proclaimed experts ”  have emerged stating that action is the key to success … And not just action but ginormous action.

There is a Plethora of information on the internet encouraging people to take action if they want to see great improvements in their results.

Don’t believe me? Just Type the phrase “action and success” on the Google search engine.

I believe that the word “ACTION” has become the new HYPE word.

Well dear Sirs and Madams , I am sorry but I will have to disappoint you … I don’t believe that  taking massive action is the key to success.

In fact the word “ACTION” has lost its finish as it has been overly rated.

For ALL those who had great achievements because they took massive action .. I applaud you.

Over 4 years ago, I welcomed a network marketing business opportunity and  was excited. I thought I had bought my ticket to earning millions in a short period of time.

I went to trainings and learned some strategies to implement in order to get some sales and this included :

1. Marketing my  opportunity to people and selling the products.

2. Calling friends and family members and share my business opportunity with them.

3. Sharing  my great opportunity with people I met during my day and scheduling follow up appointments with them.

4. Organizing group presentations to market my products and opportunity.

I also had the privilege of meeting the ️top producers in my company and thought to myself if they could be earn millions of dollar, so could I.

I  wrote a goal of earning a million dollars in under a year. I know

You Gotta Dream It Before You Can See It. Right?

Well, I did talk to people about my opportunity, organized business meetings to market my opportunity and products and made some some sales.

But the truth about it was :

a. I loved the idea of earning lots of money in a short period of time.

b. I loved the freedom that I could achieve.

c. It was not fun for me.

d. I was terrified and had lots of panic attacks.

e. All the action I did was forced.

f. I did it from a place of lack and fear.

g. I  felt the pressure to make sales from my business partners.

What was the missing ingredient here ?

A mighty good dose of BELIEF.

Yes you heard me.

I did not believe I could do it.

Sure I wanted to earn loads of money.

Sure I wanted financial freedom for my family and I.

Sure I wanted to market and sell my products and opportunity.

But I lacked the belief in myself and my ability to be in business for myself.

If achieving great levels of success was all about taking the action steps, then why  did other people in my network marketing business come on board and had great results while I was struggling.

What was it about about them?

You see, your beliefs fuel your action and if you do not believe that you can make a sale, you will NOT take the right action steps.

It is that simple.

Where does belief come from ?

The might be element.

Let’s say, you meet a friend, an acquaintance or a mentor who inspires you to go after your wonderful dreams dying to burst out of you.

For a fleeting play with the ideas in your head and then you think you cannot,  then you think you might and then you think you can.

As you play with the ideas in your head and speak about your dreams with other people you are in harmony with, your awareness expands and you start seeing possibilities.

That is how to build belief in yourself. It is an ongoing journey. You have to work on your belief every day. It is like a candle you light to heat up your home but you have to keep flame burning for as long as possible in order to feel the warmth.

What does the word ‘action’ mean to you? Please leave a comment below.


To your Success,



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