Do The Important Tasks First

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important tasksOften times we spend our time on tasks which do not give us any results, buy every course we can afford  and study the material.

But we do not IMPLEMENT the strategies we learn and then wonder why we are not getting any RESULTS in our business or personal lives.

I have been very guilty of studying the courses I bought and got excited but did not take the time to consistently implement the strategies I learned long enough to see any results.

And of course got pissed and blamed the person who created the course for scamming me.

Meanwhile the person who was to blame lived, ate, walked and went to sleep with me.

I am sure you must have already guessed who that person is. Me of course.

I recall setting a goal to have 1000 subscribers to my blog in 3 months?

Guess what?

I did not even come close to my goal. OK…Let me be blatantly honest, I did not get any subscribers during that period of time.

And you want to know why?

It was because I spent ALL my time and resources studying the course, redesigning my site multiple times, creating graphics that I did not even like, writing and re-writing the content for my blog and so on

I spent very little time implementing the strategies I had been studying such as finding my tribe, writing for them, connecting with other people in my niche, marketing my content to drive traffic to my blog, marketing other people’s content, sharing my content on social media sites, creating and marketing the products I wanted to share .

There was no way I could have reached my goal at that time because

I sucked….and I knew it.

I heard a story from Bob Proctor about a woman whose husband suddenly passed away leaving their business to her care.

She called a meeting with the head of all the departments and asked them the following three questions:

1. What are you doing?

2. What works?

3. What does not work?

She gave her staff  permission to stop doing what did NOT work and FOCUS all their resources on what was working.

She also checked in with the staff quarterly to review these three questions.

And her strategy drove the company’s sales up the roof.

These three questions will work for any goal we set.

It is so easy to get caught up in the mundane tasks if you do not have clear defined targets and a SYSTEM   in place to support you.

Let’s say for example you are planing to get 30,000 subscribers to your blog in 6 months. What do you need to do to get there?

What specific action steps  do you need to focus on?

Are you getting any results you want? Meaning are you meeting your weekly or monthly targets? Are you focused on the important tasks or actions steps that you need to get you were you want to?

If not …What changes can you make?

Please leave me a comment below to share what works for you.

To your success,

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