Create Quality Blog Posts in 6 Easy Steps

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quality post in 6 easy stpsIf you are a blogger like me, I am sure you must have heard the popular saying that “Content Is King” right? Is it any kind of content or a well written post that gives value to the reader?

Great content will keep your tribe coming for more and that is your Real Estate!

Why Should You Create Content For Your Blog?

1) To maintain a good subscriber list by sharing your content and giving away freebies on a regular basis.

2) To provide valuable information to your tribe such as educational posts, inspirational posts, how to , tutorials and entertaining depending on your niche.

3) To promote and sell your offerings.

4) To stay in contact and maintain a good rapport with your tribe.

How To Create Quality Blog Content Fast

The prerequisite for creating quality content is to know your audience and why you are writing to them to ensure that you are keeping them engage.

Writing quality blog posts can be fun if you taking them time to plan them out. You have to know where you are and what you got to work with and start from there.

You should brainstorm the following important questions before you start writing –

1. When is it going to get published – Pick your dates  for publishing the post and schedule them in your calendar

2. Who will create the content – will you be the one creating the content or would you outsource it?

3. What type of blog posts will you you(they) write–  Will it be a controversial post, a list post, a quote post, a tutorial post? See My Top 8 Blog Post Types

4. What will be the medium for delivering the post– Will it just be text, a video post, an inforgraphic or an audio post?

5. What will be the blog post topic – This will depend on your niche and also on what your tribe is asking for.

6. What will be the offering – Write down your offers to share with your tribe. Your offering should always be related to your content.

If you are a beginner blogger, you can start planning out your content for a week by answering these questions for each blog post you plan to write and enter this in your editorial calendar.

You can fill in the details later such as keyword research, where to get the images, relevant links.

You can become an PRO at writing your blog posts very fast if you incorporate these 6 steps in your blog plan.

Do you have other strategies for writing quality posts fast? Please leave a comment below.

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