Avoid Burnout In Six Easy Steps

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back Have you every suffered from burnout? It sucks to feel so emotionally and physically out of whack by it, does it not?

Guess what?

The majority of people You and I know are suffering from it too but are not even AWARE. We easily get so caught up with our day to day never ending activities and forgot to tender and  listen to our beautiful bodies.

If we did pay a little attention, we could feel the signs our bodies tell us before we actually breakdown.

I am currently healing from burnout too and I am thankful that I took the time to recognize it….Who am I kidding? I had no choice but to take some time to heal as my body had enough and the splitting headaches, body aches, exhaustion and what not… finally got my attention.

When you are feeling burnout, it just your body telling you  that it is running out of steam and you need to slow down and give yourself some tender loving care. Are you not WORTH  the care?

How beautiful to know that your body not only supports you but lets you know when to STOP and fill yourself back up.

But you got to know yourself enough to be able to recognize when you need to disengage from without and engage within.

Signs You Are Suffering From Burnout

1. You feel exhausted no matter how much  sleep you get.

2. You feel restless and easily irritable.

3. You easily get caught up in negative behavior patterns and stay there.

4. Your buttons are easily pushed by others and you are always on the defensive.

5. You lack motivation and inspiration.

6. You get easily stressed out by everything and everyone.

7. You cry for peace and quiet because the voices in your head are screaming non-stop.

8. You are always on edge and ready for a fight.

9. Panic attacks are your new best friends.

10. You are married to “Overwhelm and Anxiery”.

11. You spend your nights tossing and turning in bed envisioning all the tragedies that never happen.

12. You are numb to creativity and spur of the moment activities.

13. You constantly argue for your limitation’s and wear yourself out even more.

If your are suffering from burnout, you may experience signs completely and utterly different from any of these as we are all wonderfully UNIQUE.

What can you do as soon as you recognize that you are feeling tired or ornery? The goal is to find things that fill you up easily or things that make you feel better and start participating in them at your own pace.

6 Ways To Avoid Burnout

A. Switch off – Carve out time as much as possible to be alone without any distractions. You could even do  an activity you really enjoy such as knitting, painting, drawing, reading a novel or inspirational book.

You could also read  7 Ways To Switch Off And Go Within to find more tips on ways to switch off.

B. Ritual Days – Pick one or more activities you really enjoy and schedule them on specific days on your calendar and do them.

For example you could decide to have early nights on Mondays, massages on Saturdays, read a good book on Wednesdays.

C. Self- Care – This is very important.

Make time to meditate as often as you can during the week.

Move your body as well. There are may things you can do and are free of charge such as running, walking, yoga, soccer and basketball with friends.

Schedule  time to mediate and exercise on your calendar.

Take advantage of long warm baths.

Schedule time for naps when you can especially when your are parents. Yes, you can make time. Stop using your kids as an excuse.

I am a mom and when my body is downright exhausted, I have a conversation with my daughter explaining how I feel and why I need to rest for a couple of hours with no interruptions and she is very cooperative and helpful.

D. Healthy Nutrition – Nourish your body with healthy foods. Eat lots of greens and fruits. You know what your body needs. If you are unsure, consult with a nutritionist.

E. Be Selfish – You got to love yourself enough to say NO to the never-ending demands from friends, business partners, coworkers and  family members.

Remind yourself that you cannot be everything for everyone and it is ok.

F. Ask For Help – Tell your loved ones how you feel and what you need help with.

Go for counselling if you feel called to do it.

Delegate some tasks if you can. You cannot do it ALL. And it is just okay.

It only takes one or two small changes to your lifestyle to improve your health mentally and spiritually astronomically.

And you know what?

It is free of charge?

So are you going to take the lead and be proactive for your well being? I know you ARE.

Are you suffering from burnout? What steps are you taking to heal from it?

To Your Joy,



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2 Responses to Avoid Burnout In Six Easy Steps

  1. Michelle April 14, 2015 at 8:36 am #

    Great post. This was me a couple of months ago but I didn’t realise it was burnout until I just read your article. Thank you.

    • imgard ekokobe April 14, 2015 at 11:48 am #

      Michelle! Thanks for taking the time to read. I hope you are feeling better. I had been burned out for so long and was not even aware and just kept going until I was completely drained. That was my wake up call and I am still healing from it. I think that catching the signs early is the key to a fast recovery.

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