Authenticiy – The Crucial Ingredient To Living A Fulfilled Life

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The word “AUTHENTICITY” has been chasing after me for a couple of  weeks  now…and I have pondered about what it really means to me. I am aware that there is a lot of hype about the word…. But the questions that beg for answers are- what does it really mean? Is it the same for everyone? Why? Why not?

After giving it a lot of thought, I do realize that it is an important ingredient to living a happy and fulfilling life.

I have come to painful realization that I have not been authentic for most of my life. Everything I have always done was what I was taught or may I say conditioned to do by loved ones and the masses.

All that being said….Is that really who I am? Absolutely not!!! And how do I know that? I know this because I have encountered my authentic self at different points in my life but I was not paying attention. I am now getting to know myself… the REAL authentic ME and she so badly wants to be free. She has been patiently waiting for this moment in time for me to be aware of her presence and connect with her. I cannot hold her back anymore because I have tasted and drank of her and I am wanting for more.

And, I am telling you guys, she is amazing beyond belief! I am amazing beyond belief since she is I and I am her.

You see all the times:

  1.  I woke up in the morning and acknowledged universal intelligence that was ME.
  2. I smiled at everyone that I made eye contact with, just because I love them …that was ME.
  3. Felt appreciation for all that I was …that was ME
  4. Said a kind word to all around me …that was ME.
  5. Worked my goals with gusto and clarity of purpose…that was ME.
  6. I heard that voice in my being that told me I was powerful beyond my wildest imagination and to trust more and worry less …that was ME.
  7. I got that feeling of invincibility when I spent time in mediation with myself…that was ME.
  8. I had those uplifting and hilarious conversations with myself…… that was ME.
  9. I was on a tangent of love and appreciation and everything that I needed and wanted just came to me when I asked for it…that was ME.
  10. I loved to love, loved to give, loved to smile, loved to uplift myself and everyone I met….that was ME.
  11. I had a rock solid ingrained faith in myself and my abilities and walked my path with joy looking forward to co-creating with other wonderful like–minded individuals…that was ME.

As I am asking for answers, I am getting clarity every day…and now understand that authenticity is simply when my thoughts, feelings and actions are in sync. Living in the flow. Moment by moment. And is an art that can be nurtured with some effort at first.

My goal is to live from that place as much as I can. Is it going to be an easy task? The familiar voice in my head tells me that it is going to be a challenge but my authentic self tells me that it does not have to be and all I have to do is: TAKE IN DEEP BREADTHS–> RELAX –> QUIET MY MIND–> CONNECT–>RELINQUISH CONTROL–>BECOME EVERYTHING THAT I AM –>WORK MY GOAL WITH EASE AND FLAIR

So I am going to do this today….and then tomorrow and the next day…I am so grateful that I do get to have the chance to start afresh every day.

What does authenticity mean to you?

Thanks for reading,

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