About Imgard


 Welcome to my Blog!

Hi , I am Imgard and I am so excited that you are here. I am a blogger, internet entrepreneur, writer, visionary and mom.

Here you will find posts and videos about personal growth, how to let go of the limiting beliefs,  how to tap into the deep reservoir of resources within you, which will enable you to create the life that you want. Change has to come from the inside in order for it to reflect on the outside. Not the other way round.

You will also get ideas and resources on blogging, branding and social media marketing strategies which will enable you to take a quantum leap as you apply to your business or Life. I am so super excited to be  sharing all this information with YOU!

I have the most amazing 10 year old daughter. I do believe kids are still so connected to their spiritual essence. I call her my teacher because she has and is still teaching me the meaning of unconditional loving and living of life. She is so driven to accomplish her current goal of getting iIMG_4105nto the Olympics. She is a gymnasts and is so dedicated to her craft.

I often watch practice a new skill she learnt for hours on hours at home tirelessly and I ask myself how much I could have accomplish If I had as much dedication as she does.

She is the reason why I decided to go after my passions of writing poetry, blogging, internet marketing among others and eventually create a sustainable business out of it. Anything is POSSIBLE if you have a strong desire to do it.

The key to joyful living to be childlike. Meaning practicing the art of letting go of all the worries of the day and be present moment by moment. NOW is where your POWER lies.

I have to WALK the TALK. Why would I encourage her or you to go after your dreams If I am not leading my example? I have come to know that life can be as BEAUTIFUL as you want it to be.

You really do create your own REALITY which is your world.  One of my greatest desire is to see everyone happy.

And If you can leave my blog feeling inspired  than you did before, then my goal will have been accomplished.

My mission is to inspire millions of people to live a joyful and soulful purpose driven life by sharing my passions of art, writing, coaching and by so doing, induce others to seek and find theirs and share with those who are in harmony with them.

If my mission calls to you, then let us connect  and create magic together. Please  use the social media links below and subscribe to my mailing list  to receive a lot of great and free content from me.