7 Ways To Switch Off And Go Within

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There will come a time in your experience when you will have a deep yearning for answers to questions that you may have pondered for a long time and will lead you on a quest or journey of self-discovery.

It is different for everyone as we are all unique. For some, it will be an easier quest than others and it is ok. There is no competition to getting to knowing YOU.

How do you stay grounded and not get buried in this massive overwhelming tumultuous overload of information all around you? How do you know what is right for you? How do you know what is true or not? You have got to know your truth or you will fall for anything.

What is your truth?

What are your core values?

Are you living in accordance with them?

What I have discovered is that ALL the answers you seek are within and all you have to do is quiet your mind and listen to the guidance that IS and HAS always been there for you. You hold the key to unlocking your kingdom – It is WITHIN

You have to go within yourself and seek answers. But how do you seek for answers when you do not even know the  questions to ask?

Well, you just have to TRUST that there is larger part of you who knows everything about you and all that you seek will be revealed to you as fast as you can allow.

The beauty about you is that you are always in CONTROL of your thoughts at all times but it does take a little practice to get there. You only know what you KNOW and that is still alright.

Here are 5 strategies to use  to switch off and go within

1. Go solo – Make some alone time for yourself. If you can go on a retreat, do that. And if you cannot afford to take time away, you can find a quiet place at home to spend time with yourself at a scheduled time.

2. Lose the electronic gadgets -Muster up the courage to switch off your many electronic devices or leave them behind. You could also let your family know that you do want some alone time for a certain period of time.

3. Take in deep breaths – You can sit or lay in a comfortable position and practice taking in long deep breaths in an out.If breathing exercises do not rock your boat, slide in a relaxation CD and bask in it.

4. Relax – Allow your body to ease into itself. Do your best to let go of any resistant thoughts or imagine them floating around you like tiny warm bubbles.

5. Connect -Listen to that familiar loving voice with lots of wisdom just for you.

6. Relinquish control – You feel so good. This is about YOU.Your sanity. Your health. Your joy. Your life. You have let go of the worrisome and bogus responsibilities of the day or month and  are enjoying spending time with yourself.

7. Become -Savor the beauty of that moment and the feeling of invincibility which envelops you.The feeling that everything is just alright.

Remember that you can never get it wrong if you go within yourself for solutions to ALL your challenges.

What do you to to switch off? Is it effective? Please let me know what works for you?

To Your Success,

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  1. jane April 12, 2015 at 3:37 pm #

    some helpful tips

    • imgard ekokobe April 13, 2015 at 12:50 pm #

      Thank You Jane!

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