8 Reasons Why Your Affirmations Will Work

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affirmations_workYes, I know that there is an ongoing hype about affirmations and their effectiveness. But do they really work? You bet they do.

What are Affirmations?

They are the positive or negative stories we tell ourselves repeatedly every day and all day of all the reasons why our lives are wonderful or why things suck.

Like it or not you and I affirm all day.

But what are you telling yourself most frequently on a daily basis?

The stories you tell yourself become your reality.

I recall my excitement over 5 years ago when I first heard about affirmations and the benefits of using them. I was so pumped up and wrote down my list of money, health, spirituality among other categories of affirmations of the things that I wanted to manifest at that time.

I  was so looking forward to replacing my old habits which no longer served me with healthy ones and also looking forward to my lump sum of cash flowing to me as soon as I was open to receive it.

You know what?

I did see some improvement in my health and well being but the money that I had wanted had not manifested.

I even created a slideshow of my affirmations using the mind movie tool and it was so soothing watching the movie with the background music. Are you familiar with this tool?

But why did it manifest for some things but not for others?

Why didn’t my money come to me, I pondered?

I was working on the false premise that affirmations were going to make me Happy, Healthy and Wealthy if I read them out loud or quietly all day and everyday.

What Was I Doing Wrong?

I read them out loud or quietly frequently on a daily basis but I was not internalizing them as much as I should have. I recall feeling irritation as I was reading some of them because they sounded so bogus for example ” Money comes to me in increasing amount from multiple sources on a continuous basis” …Really? But where was the money ?

You know the saying that “BELIEVE AND YOUR BELIEF WILL CREATE THE FACTS”  right? Well, I did not believe in that affirmation and the evidence of my disbelief splattered all around me and I just said the words because I had been taught to say them on a daily basis in order for them to work.

What I also observed was that for the areas of my life where I had healthy beliefs such as staying in good shape and connected to myself, those affirmations were easier for me to say and feel them and I took action steps such doing yoga, running, Pilates and meditation daily and I saw great results.

What happened here?

Since my beliefs were in sync with the words I was saying, I did not offer a contradictory vibration and because I was open to do the work necessary to make some changes in my health and spirituality, many ideas and mentors showed up and I took some action steps joyfully.

I know that we live in a VIBRATIONAL universe, and it is all about HOW YOU FEEL, not the WORDS YOU SAY. If you do not BELIEVE the words you are affirming, they will not WORK.

 8 Reasons Why You Will Win By Using Affirmations

1)  Decide To do it – Make a decision that you are going to commit to doing in a fun way and revisit that decision every day.

2) Schedule it – You may decide to mark it down in your calendar after a relaxation activity such as exercise, meditation, knitting etc.

3) Plan For It – Remember to do the things you are passionate about so that your body is in a relaxed state before you say your affirmations. You could play with your kids if you have any, prior to your saying your affirmations.

4) Don’t Take It Too Seriously – The only competition you have is with yourself. So if you are not feeling good when you are affirming, laugh at yourself and plan it for another time or when you feel up to it.

5) Don’t Fake It Until You Feel It – This is another hype. You cannot fake it until you make It because you cannot lie about how you feel and the universe responds to how you to feel and not by what you are saying.

6) Make Them Fun – Be as hilarious as you want with them. The goal is for you to feel joyful and relief while you are saying them.

7) Make Up Your Own – Make up you own depending on how you are feeling. Don’t say that you feel great when you are having a bad day. You could instead acknowledge that your day is not going as planned but things are improving and the next day will be a better day.

8) Be Thankful– Give thanks for the awareness that you are getting and for the wonderful things you already have working for you. Appreciation really makes you feel great and puts you in a state of allowing the things you are manifesting to flow easily into your life

Do you use affirmations? Do you have any experiences that you may want to share? Please leave a comment below.

To Your Success,

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