30 Days Blogging Challenge: A Review

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I am doing the Happy Dance because this is Day 30 of the 30 Days Blogging Challenge by Sarkemedia. You can go here to read all my posts for all 30 days.

Check out the reasons why I decided to embark on the 30 Days Blogging challenge 30 Days to a Better Blogger And Me

What is the 30 day blogging challenge all about?

It is all about TRACTION!

The goal is to  learn how to write high quality blog posts effectively and consistently to increase traffic to your site and eventually create leads for your business.

The expectation is to write a blog post every day for 30 days by implementing the strategies Sarah Arrow emails daily. Each blog post has a different theme and skill set to learn and implement.

What Important Skills Did I learn?

1) I went from writing a blog post in 4- 5 hours to under an hour by implementing the strategies she taught.

2) I learned where to find professional blog images online and how to create infographics.

3) I learned how to create attention grabbing headlines for my blog posts using blog prompts she shared.

4) I learned how to optimize my blog for search engines by using the tools and strategies she provided. Prior to the challenge I was writing content without using specific keywords for my pages, titles, images.

5) I learned about  curating others peoples content to increase traffic to my site.

6) I learned the importance of monitoring my progress using google analytics to know what my numbers where in terms of page clicks, page views and leads.

7) I learned about the most important plugins that I needed to have on my site.

8) I leant about the different types of blog posts and how to use them. This helped me create and schedule posts quicker using my editorial calendar.

9)I learned strategies for marketing my blog.

10) I learned the importance of staying engaged with my readers by using effective call to actions and also by responding to the comments as well as leaving comments on other blogs I visit.

11) I learned how to stick it out despite the daily challenges I encountered.

Did I Get Support?

Absolutely. The Facebook group was very interactive and supportive. It was great collaborating with other bloggers and supporting one another.

Kevin and Sarah Arrow were very encouraging, supportive and extremely generous by sharing many tips, video tutorials, recommendations  to enable the group members and myself to blog effectively.

What Results Did I Get?

1) I had more views on my blog (pageviews up by 47%)  and a few returning visitors.

2) Improved confidence in my ability to write and publish my blog posts in a shorter period of time

3) Satisfaction that I actually completed this challenge.

What Are The Drawbacks?

1) It requires dedication and discipline.

2) It is hard work and you have to do it YOURSELF and put in the time if you want to reap the rewards.

3) You are going to hold yourself accountable and be held accountable by the Facebook group as well.

4) You are going to schedule time to sit  and write valuable content every day.No Excuses!

My blogging challenges are tough, they stretch you and they help you grow as a blogger. It will make you sweat to get 30 posts published in 30 consecutive days. It’s a marathon not a sprint, but at the end of it you’ll feel a real positive sense of achievement.
Sarah Arrow – Sark-emedia

 Who Is It For?

a. If you are are interested in growing your business by writing quality posts to drive traffic to your blog and grow your list of subscribers, then the 30 Days Blogging Challenge is for YOU.

b. If you are new to blogging but do not know where to start, then this is for YOU.

c. If you have been blogging for a while but have little traffic to your site, this is for YOU.

How Much Does It Cost?

It is FREE. All you have to do is SIGNUP and SHOW up everyday to the Facebook group page with your blog post.

 What do you think ? Have you participated in the 30 Day Blogging Challenge? What results did you get? Do you plan to join the challenge? What results do you want to accomplish?

To Your Success,

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